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October 6-7
Williamsburg Bridge to Newtown Creek

In the blog:
10/7 (posted on 10/8) - "A Never Ending Story"
10/6 (posted on 10/8) - "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it"

September 28-30
Battery Tunnel to Williamsburg Bridge & Brooklyn Bridge Park

In the blog:
9/28-9/30 (posted 10/2) - "Brace yourself"

September 13-16
Verrazzano Bridge to Battery Tunnel & Red Hook Recreation Area

In the blog:
9/16 (posted 9/17) - "Contemplating climate change"
9/14 & 9/15 - "from cobbled back streets and scrap metal yards to quiet back streets and flower strewn homes"
9/13 (posted 8/14) - "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

August 23-26
Ocean Parkway to Verrazzano Bridge & Drier Offerman (Calvert Vaux) Park

In the blog:
8/23 - "Welcome back to Brooklyn"
8/24 - "You got gold in there?"
8/25 - "I highly recommend it"

August 10-12
Chambers Street to 14th Street West

Included from Battery Park to Chambers Street due to rain delay from 7/29
In the blog:
8/12 - "The High Line and the High Water Line"
8/11 (posted 8/12) - "A good day to..."

July 27-29
Brooklyn Bridge to Chambers Street & Battery Park

In the blog:
7/29 (posted 7/30) - "Obstacles and examples"
7/28 (posted 7/30) - "Speaking of Global Issues"
7/27 (posted 7/30) - "Can you spare five minutes for the environment?"

July 13-15
14th Street East to Brooklyn Bridge & Corlears Hook Park

**July 15th: CitySol "Go Ahead and Touch It!"
In the blog:
7/17 - "This is your city on climate change - any questions?"
7/15 - "Evolution of ideas"
7/13 - "Let's be real cool and act like nothings weird..."

June 29-July 1
Mill Basin to Ocean Parkway

In the blog:
7/2 - "All gone in a puff of smoke (or car emissions)">
7/1 - "Bearing Witness"

June 14-17
Canarsie Beach Park to Mill Basin

In the blog:
6/18 - "Beach cities"
6/16 - "When it rains it pours"
6/14 - "Flood or drought"

May 17-20
Queens Border to Canarsie Beach Park

In the blog:
5/28 - "More pictures"
5/20 - "So many starfish on the beach..."
5/19 - Rain Delay
5/18 - "High Water Line Edges Into Canarsie"
5/17 - "And We're Off!"


"We are all responsible for the future we create" –Majora Carter

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