take action
take action
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in your home
Switch your energy provider to green power. Electricity generation accounts for about 1/3 of global emissions. Learn more at PowerYourWay.org

Turn off/Unplug lights, ceiling fans, AC’s, appliances, computers, and chargers when not in use. Stopping the flow of standby energy could save 6-25% on your monthly energy bill. For more ideas, visit "energy saving tips" at ConEd.com

Rethink your diet. Meat requires a high amount of energy to produce a small amount of usable energy as food. To learn more about healthy food choices, visit GoVeg.com

Recycle glass, plastic, metal and all paper. New Yorkers throw away an average of 4.5 pounds of trash per day. Learn about all the different things you can recycle at RecycleThisNYC.org

in your community
Reduce trash. Use a reusable bag with you for all shopping (not just grocery) and purchase items that have less packaging. A full list of ideas is at NewYorkCity.Earth911.org under "Green Shopping Tips."

Compost your food waste, either at home or a local drop off point. The average NYC household discards two pounds of organic waste per day. Compost provides a rich resource for beautifying local parks and gardens. Go to GreenAppleMap.org/page/compost to learn how and where to recycle.

Buy local. Take advantage of local farmer’s markets and community supported agriculture. Industrial farms use energy in the production, packing and shipping of food. To find a market near you check LocalHarvest.org

Join an advocacy group to learn more about how you can help the fight climate change. For a comprehensive list of local organizations, check the resources page.

in your government
Speak up! Use the downloadable postcards to tell your representatives why you care about global warming. Learn more about environmental legislation and issues at EnvironmentalDefense.org

Attend community meetings to advocate for better transit, more parks and more bike and pedestrian friendly roads. To find your local community board, select "community boards" at NYC.gov/html/cau

Support legislation to cut emissions and reduce trash including carbon reduction, plastic bag taxes or bans, congestion pricing, improved transit and dense housing. Learn more about current local legislation at NYC.gov/2030

Ask your representatives for improved transit, more greenway, priority for bikes and pedestrians, sustainable and local based development. Find your representative at Vote-Smart.org and NYC.gov

in your business or school
Ask your business or school to do its part through reducing waste and recycling. The majority of waste generated at work or school can be reduced, reused or recycled. Learn more at NYC.gov/html/nycwasteless

Get the necessary tools to green your office or school: bike racks, mugs, plates & glasses, recycling bins, green office supplies, and green cleaning supplies. Learn more about greening your business at NRDC.org/cities/living/gbusiness.asp

Reduce the impact of commuting to work or school. With increased congestion on the streets of New York, our mass transportation system provides a more sustainable method of getting to work. Your employer can provide you saving on your commute by subscribing to TransitChek at transicenter.com

Encourage your business or school to buy green power. Electricity generation accounts for about 1/3 of global emissions. Learn more at PowerYourWay.com

Campaign for cleaner buses. Most buses run on diesel, learn about cleaner feuls and get your school to switch. You can get facts and information by checking out NRDC.org/GreenSquad

Eat better foods in your cafeteria. Join forces with other students or employees to encourage your school or business to provide healthy and sustainable foods in your cafeteria. Learn more about improving your food at SustainableTable.org

"We are all responsible for the future we create" –Majora Carter

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