Anna Wilson and Kharis Wilkens

hwl low res-9 Anna Wilson and Kharis Wilkens from Avon Crescent in Bristol, talk about what it is like to live “in the line.”

“We live about 15 metres away from the Avon, and I believe it has the second highest tidal range in the world. Earlier this year, in January, February and March with four week spaces, we had extremely high tides – very unusually high tides – and storm surges and Bristol City Council erected a flood barrier at the end of our road. We didn’t get any proper communication from them [Bristol City Council]. We are still pretty uncertain of the risks to our homes.” — Anna Wilson

“The water is a really big part of our life. The downside is that we really do live in area that has a flood risk…With the high tides this year, in January, we were worried…” –Kharis Wilkens




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