The People

HighWaterLine is made up of diverse people from around the world who are adapting HighWaterLine to their local cultures and communities.

Eve and Heidi serve as Co-Directors of the HighWaterLine, supporting individuals and communities at various levels to help them realize this innovative way of visualizing climate change.

Eve Mosher is the artist who created the HighWaterLine project in 2007 in NYC. She is an artist and interventionist living and working in New York City. Her works use investigations of the landscape as starting points for audience exploration of urban issues. Her public works raise issues of involvement in the environment, public/private space use, history of place, cultural and social issues and our own understanding of the urban ecosystem.

Heidi Quante does such a wide array of things for HighWaterLine that we’ve given up on a title. Heidi saw HighWaterLine as an innovative way for communities to tackle the massive challenge of transforming climate change into a local issue. Heidi brings with her 14 years of designing environmental and human rights campaigns. For the last 7 years she has been following her passion of creating creative communication projects that engage the public in pressing issues. Heidi loves the people she collaborates with and is constantly inspired by the vibrant and creative ideas generated in HighWaterLine partnerships.

Additionally each region has an amazing team of participants and supporters.  Please see the regional pages for information.

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