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Resilient Miami was sparked by the community members who came together to create HighWaterLine | Miami, an innovative art project that transformed scientific data into a visual that shows how climate change, with an emphasis on sea level rise, will impact Miami.


Resilient Miami :: Defined

Resilience is about making people, communities and systems better prepared to withstand catastrophic events – both natural and manmade – and therefore better able to emerge more quickly and strongly from these stresses.

Resilient Miami’s goal is to forge relationships between the diverse communities of Miami to create a resilient Miami better able to respond to changes, including extreme storms and sea level rise caused by climate change (Miami is the most climate vulnerable city in the U.S.) and emerge stronger as a result of this greater collaboration.

Miami’s diverse communities include those who have had to rebuild their lives several times over. As such, the spirit of resilience lives in Miami.  The true heart of Miami is its people and culture.  The power of Resilient Miami will be to harness the spirit, creativity and innovation of Miami to tackle adapting to sea level rise and other related climate change impacts with the speed and resources required for successfully addressing these pressing challenges.

Please note: This is a working definition. Connect with Resilient Miami if you would like to help shape the definition of a Resilient Miami.


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